Stephanie Rufo, AKA “ICC Momma,” has worked at Indian Creek Camp for a total of 6 years and is looking forward to serving as Assistant Director and Public Relations for a 7th year. In college, she worked in the ICC kitchen learning the tools of the trade from the legend, Dar White, cook extraordinaire. She then returned many, many years later, married with 3 children and a husband that is very supportive of her passion for ICC. She has worked as the Ceramics Director, Creative Arts Director, Public Relations and of course Assistant director as mentioned above.

What keeps Stephanie coming back to ICC? “It’s the feeling that you get when you pass through the gates, you can feel that this is God’s camp with awesome plans for everyone that will step foot on the grounds. It’s a feeling in the air, it’s the excitement of planning and seeing the efforts payoff as campers arrive for an adventure at ICC.

Summer camp is never boring, it brings new challenges to learn and grow from and of course a ton of fun. Finding the energy and endurance, Stephanie relies on the ICC family values: God, Integrity, Safety, Hardwork and Fun to get her up in the mornings to the finish line at the end of summer camp.

Stephanie loves Mexican food, chocolate and shopping….combining all 3 makes it almost a perfect day! Stephanie loves to cook for family and friends, and of course ICC staff when in town. She may have 3 kids of her own, but she loves all of the ICC family just like an “ICC Momma” should.