Kevin Hughes is returning for his 4th summer at ICC as the Activity Director. He worked two summers as a lifeguard and counselor and one summer as the pool director. Kevin is studying at Southern Adventist University to be a Physical Educator. He enjoys playing all sports but especially loves playing football and volleyball. He is also a referee so if you have any questions about rules in sports, he is your guy! Kevin can spin a basketball on his fingers better than anyone he knows. He is an avid Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators fan. Kevin likes to procrastinate by playing disc golf and just chilling with his pals at Southern. He also loves to go to Taco Bell and get the $5 cravings deal because you get so much for so little. Kevin’s favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11. He loves everything about ICC but his favorite thing is that it feels like a family here at camp.