Charles Lawson is looking forward to working at Indian Creek Camp this summer. It is his first summer working at camp, but it is not his first experience working and getting along with children. He attended a multilevel school for most of his educational life; eleven years to be exact. There he was always exposed to widely differing ages and learned how to relate and communicate to specific children of any age. Along with this, he was put in multiple leadership roles within that school, given by the teachers, to assist the younger grades and some upper grades in specific academic situations. During the summer back home, he would help out at the church’s vacation bible school for aroundfive years as an actor, and then as sports coordinator for three years. During these years Charles has always been taking guitar lessons, 15 years now, and still continues to hone his skills with his instrument. His main stress for the moment is solo guitaring and accompaniment.

Now Charles is attending Southern Adventist University pursuing an undergraduate degree in Religious Education with a minor in Music with a vocal focus. He was a Theology major his freshman year, but felt the God calling him into a more youth focused ministry. One unique talent Charles has is that he can grow an almost full beard at the age of twenty.
He can give tips to the young men in how to shave and grow a beard that will make them feel “Manly.”  His favorite food is fried chicken and it always has been.

The verse in the Bible that he finds to be his favorite is John 14:1-2.  Charles’ favorite thing about camp is the friendships that conspire over the course of the
summer and the week the children can have fun with him. Another fun thing that he loves is tubing on the lake!

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