Who is Alex Thomas?  He is glad that you asked! He is a God loving individual that has worked at summer camp for many years. He has been a counselor for EVERY single age and believes it is the best job at camp. He can do gymnastics and enjoys flipping around when he gets the chance. He currently coaches at Dublin Jerome high school & all-star teams at the cheer center and works for the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team on the Q Spirit Squad. This guy has done it all from water sports to flipping over a horse.

He has some odd talents and those include unicycling and juggling. Alex graduated from Andrews University with a degree in Communications & Spanish and spent a year abroad living in Argentina. Alex is from Ohio and that would explain all the red because of The Ohio State University Buckeyes.

Alex works at camp because he believes it is one of the best ways to show Christ to the youth and spend the summer having a good time doing it. He also thinks Tennessee is a great state and wants to go down south for the summer. His favorite thing at ICC is gymnastics!


Fun Fact #1 – He loves Jesus and Alex’s favorite Bible story is Joseph.

Fun Fact #2 – His favorite Bible verse is Romans 1:16

Fun Fact #3 – He has 6 siblings.  He doubts you can beat that!

Fun Fact #4 – His favorite food is empanadas.

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