Abigail Wright is a first-year student at Southern Adventist University and her major is Nursing. She has a passion for kids and loves people. She is a member of the Gym Masters but also enjoys sports, snowboarding, watersports, and pretty much anything outside. This will be Abby’s first year at Indian Creek Camp but she has worked at Flag Camp for 5 summers prior to this summer and has a passion for children. Abby is from the mountains of Fletcher, North Carolina and her favorite bible verse is John 16:33. She has a few unique talents like being able to rub her tummy and pat her head at the same time, along with being able to make a bomb sandwich. She loves almost all foods but she really enjoys dipping her French fries in her milk shakes. You will always see a smile on her face unless it’s snowing in July or her face is stuffed with chocolate cake from the café. PS…she really loves chocolate, like A LOT.

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