Featured ICC Staff Family Member


Caleb Sutherland is excited to be doing what he loves best, working with kids, and getting to do it all summer!  This will be his first year at Indian Creek Camp.  He will be a counselor and co-drama director. 

Caleb has worked with kids in Pathfinders and other children’s programs both in the church and in the community all over the country and the world in places like Maryland, New York, California, Japan, the Philippines, and Alaska where he currently lives. 

In Alaska Caleb has spent the last couple of years working towards finishing high school, working on stage both acting and singing, and working to increase his EMS skills and knowledge.  His favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11 where God tells him He has a plan for his life.  Caleb loves working at summer camp where he can teach kids about God’s plan for their lives.

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